[Case Study] Whisky Wisemen

Whisky Wisemen is a non-for-profit organization of whisky enthusiasts that aspires to make a positive impact in our community. There is currently no centralized communication channel for the community and the members are limited to exchange their contact information during social events. The proposed mobile application removes the pain of connecting with members by engaging members to interact and share information on the platform. My role was to research, design, test all UX-related activities related to the project. I collaborated with another UX Designer and two UI Designers.


Whisky Wisemen Society


3 Weeks


Mobile Application (iOS)

Team Members

UX Designers: Joseph Lee (me), Lara Hughes
UI Designers: Crystal Chow, James Oliver


Create a mobile application prototype to increase engagement between the Club Wise members.


User Interviews, Survey, Competitive & Comparative Analysis, Contextual Inquiry, Affinity Diagram, User Persona, Feature Prioritization, Sitemap, User Flow, Design Studio, User Testing, Paper & Digital Wireframes (Sketch), Clickable Prototype (InVision)

Design Process Highlights

Contextual Inquiry

Our team attended the Whisky Wisemen’s #ThirdThursday event to better understand how the users would use the app. In addition to asking about the user’s pain points and motivations, we asked the members to sort the Trello card based on what features they would like to see implemented. We gave each feature a number based on its ranking to give a statistical significance. We learned through this exercise that the users preferred features that would help them to network by learning more about each other. Users were less interested in gamified features.

User Flows

After we defined the persona, we mapped out the user flow based on the persona’s journey. Rounds of testing and iterations evolved our user flow where the users are easily able to navigate from one task to another.

User Testing

We did rapid prototyping with paper wireframes as it’s quick and easy to do. After a series of testing, we analyzed the feedbacks and iterated our design to increase usability. During usability testing, we noticed that the users were navigating back to the dashboard after completing a task to perform a new task. It was annoying and it frustrated the users especially if they were to do several tasks in one session. To solve this problem, we implemented a tab to allow users to quickly navigate between the main pages. 

In-depth breakdown of the design process can be found on Medium

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