[Case Study] Customer Pulse

Customer Pulse is a platform that allows business owners to gather customer feedbacks and take actionable steps to grow their business. It utilizes the Net Promoter System® (NPS) to gather customer feedback and the business can analyze, interact, and track their progress through the platform. My role was to design a splash page website, logo, style/branding guide, content generation and the user flow. This was an individual client project where I was responsible for full UX and UI activities.


Latero Labs


2 Weeks


Web (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)


Logo, Style/Branding Guide, Content, Splash Page Web Design, User Flow


Design a splash website to increase user sign ups, a minimum viable product (MVP) user flow and provide a style/branding guide.


Design Inception, Competitive Analysis, Mood Board (InVision), Logo Design (Illustrator), User Flow (Marvel), Paper & Digital Wireframes (Sketch), Clickable Prototype (InVision), Design Handoff (Zeplin)

Design Process Highlights

Paper Prototype

After analyzing the user flows of the four competitors. I created a paper prototype where I can easily test and iterate. It also helped me to identify the core screens to be mocked up in high fidelity and the assets that would need to be included in the style guide.


The goal was to create a simple, timeless, approachable, and versatile logo that is capable of being represented under different backgrounds and mediums. I began by mind mapping the possible associations of Customer Pulse, sketched the potential logos to get feedback. The final logo design rationales are as follows:

  • Pulse motion resembles a graph and it ends with a forward arrow. The pulse is slanted upwards to symbolize growth.
  • The pulse is inside a message icon. It symbolizes Customer Pulse’s service to help users to communicate and interact with their customers to grow their business.
  • The logo uses negative space, allowing it to be represented under different backgrounds.
  • The shapes are curved and round to be more approachable.

User Flow

I used Marvel to walkthrough the paper prototype with the client. To help communicate the high level view of the user flow with the developers, I created a user flow chart with annotations to help the development process.

In-depth breakdown of the design process can be found on Medium

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