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My name is Joseph and I created experiences for the users in sports, hospitality and the financial world in the past. Taking my ability to understand many personas, I now design for users in the digital world.

Case Studies

Young Entrepreneurship Leadership Launchpad (YELL)
UX | Responsive Web Design
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Whisky Wisemen
UX | Mobile App (iOS)
Project Highlights
Customer Pulse
UI / UX | Web App
Project Highlights
Vivian Yu Realty
Branding | Web Design & Development
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Hello! I am a UX/UI Designer based in Vancouver, Canada. I am passionate about creating enjoyable experiences for others and my curiosity in people has given me problem-solving abilities to take complex process into simple, intuitive steps. Before designing in the digital world, I created experiences for the users in the sports, hospitality and the financial services industries. I believe that my diverse background allows me to understand users and think creatively to create seamless user experience.

You can view my resume by clicking on the button below, see my detailed work history on Linkedin or by simply messaging me 🙂

Soccer has been a passion for me since I was a child. I love it because it allows me to forget all the stressors and worries in my life.
When the soccer fields are filled with snow, you can find me shredding down the mountain trying to land a ground trick or two.
Having worked at a classic cocktail lounge at a 5-star hotel, I came to appreciate spirits and well-mixed drinks. It's fascinating stuff once you know the history behind it!
I enjoy going on road trips. In 2015, I drove from Vancouver to the Rockies then took another trip from Vancouver to California. That's over 5,200 KMs!
I love traveling because it broadens my perspective and it makes me appreciate the life that I have. It also helps me to explore and find out what I truly want in life.
I've been so inspired by the Olympic spirits as a child that after getting involved during in the Vancouver Olympics, I went to the U.K. for the London Olympics two years later.
After learning about investing during my career in finance, I realized the greatest investment that I can make is to invest in myself.
My grandfather was a Korean independence movement activist during the Japanese colonial rule. What he did for his family and his country is an inspiration for me to stay true to my values regardless of the circumstances.

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